About Me

Welcome to my blog!

Kalli Cinder: my first and middle name combined—


both minimalistic and unique, which is what I hope to be. I’m 24. My family is from Hawai’i and I currently live in Minneapolis, but there are endless places I’d like to go. My parents met in the Peace Corps so I grew up all over Asia (mostly in Mongolia), and travel was my first love. I graduated from university with a degree in Communication Studies and International Journalism.

I spend most of my time writing stories, reading in the sun, hiking, roller skating, doing art, taking photos, cooking Indian food, or thrifting. I’m still figuring out everything that I love, want to do, and would like to learn. Life is so beautiful and so perplexing, full of so much joy and so much ache, and I am endlessly curious about it all.

I started this blog to document everything that I ever want to remember. It’s the final product of a much needed, long-delayed outlet and storage unit for my writing, stories, photos, art, and inspirations. Enjoy.

PS: I also have an Etsy for the tie dyes I make, which can be found here!