South Point, Hawaii – an adventure around the Big Island

This was a somewhat crudely drawn sketch I put into my journal to document the path of that summer day.

Looking over the cliff of South Point, the sunlight always sparkles in an unforgettable way. In the heat of summer afternoons on the edge of the world for miles to come, light is transformed into sparkle. It shimmers like champagne bubbles against a crystal glass and we are floating in the liquid. It took a bit of convincing, for me at least, but eventually everyone gained the courage to line up, ready to run towards a 40 foot drop. I found myself sprinting towards the edge and falling so fast I barely remember it. My limbs hit the water with a smack (that would later become a couple bruises), but it was worth it. We were beaming amidst the beautiful blue water and laughing off an adrenaline rush. After playing for a while, we climbed back up the rickety old metal ladder to make it back to the dusty cliff. Salt-crusted and content, we piled back into the cars.

Side note– there is discussion on if people who visit the Big Island should add this cliff jump to their itinerary. I personally think a visit to the southern most point of the United States is a worthwhile stop regardless of whether or not you decide to make a leap off the edge. If you do, however, know that it was a great memory. Just make sure to take a peek over the cliff to see if the waves are too rough or the tide seems too low. The ladder was sturdy and not too difficult to climb back up, even if it might look questionable from the top.

It rained on the drive to our next destination, Magic Sands Beach, while we listened to 90s and 2000s hits. When we arrived after an hour and a half, we were greeted by a grey sky painted over soft, white sand and crystal clear water. We all laid out blankets and popped open beach chairs. I remember the laughter. I laughed even when I got sucked in by a crashing wave and tumbled through the shallows. (Magic Sands can have great waves for body boarding though!)

We played music and laughed and caught grapes in our mouths until the sun began to set. The clouds parted, the sun sighed, and the sky melted into the color of butter. Everyone’s sun kissed skin glowed in the light of golden hour. We took photos until darkness fully overtook the world.

Next, we drove into Kona to find some food. I ate at Ocean Street Tacos, which is a cute little spot nestled in on Alii Drive that will give you 3 for $7. On the drive back to Hilo, we stopped at the Mauna Kea rest stop. Even without ascending the mountain into even higher elevation, the temperatures here are much cooler. Being blessed to be adjusted to island weather, 57 degrees required sweaters and blankets for us. But we still ran around the park and fell into circles on the grass looking up at the bright stars.

I also made a video with clips from this very memorable day!

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