Why do you take photos?

Many people have asked me why I am passionate about photography. It has caused me to think more deeply about the “why” behind my love. Usually, my answer is simply: “I love to document.” That part is true. I document to look back. I write and photograph and create so that moments are never truly lost, but it’s more than that. I like to capture moments and memories in a way that could make a stranger feel it. When you hold my photos and read my words I want it to make you feel something. I want you to wonder what the subject is thinking, to smile with them, to image what lies beyond the edges of what I’ve presented.

My favorite kind of art is the kind that can make me feel something even when it has nothing to do with me. It’s as if I can imagine it coming alive– the moment right after the one frozen in time before me. I can see it playing out, moving, breathing, existing after the click of the shutter or the drop of the pen.

I think that’s what I am passionate about– the authenticity. I like to photograph people that aren’t often photographed. I like to put them in front of my lens and see how I can make them bloom. I like to photograph more people that look like all of us. In my opinion, anyone can be a muse; anyone is capable of being at the center of art. I think everyone needs someone that can capture them as they are, not as they think they should be for the camera. I like to capture people’s humanity.

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